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Your Reliable Choice Among Landscapers, Louisville KY

About Patrick Johnson, Seasoned Louisville Landscaper

Before owner and founder Patrick Johnson was out of middle school, he was running his own landscaping business.  He owned trucks he wasn’t yet old enough to drive. Like most kids, there were things he wanted – video games, toys, the usual. And like most kids, he had asked his parents for the money. When they suggested he earn it, he took that suggestion to heart.


When he did, he found his passion in life. He’s been at it ever since. Learning from experts, expanding the services he offers, earning a degree, and building Louisville’s premier landscaping and tree service company.


Whether you just need a little rehabilitation and attentive maintenance for your lawn, you’re ready to create the backyard paradise you’ve always dreamed of, or you want curbside appeal that will stop traffic and add value to your home, Patrick Johnson Landscaping is committed to your satisfaction.


About Patrick Johnson Landscaping, Louisville, KY

What separates Patrick Johnson Landscaping from other Louisville-area landscapers is the degree of seasoned commitment, care and collaboration we bring to your property.  We want to know what your vision is, and we’ll apply 25 years of extensive experience to make that vision a reality.


To begin, we assess the existing environment, then incorporate your wants and needs, and finally apply our expertise and resources to make it happen.


Today, with crews at his disposal and a fleet of vehicles and equipment, Patrick has become one of the premier landscaping specialists in the region and the best choice to create and maintain the look you want for your home.


Patrick Johnson Landscaping employs full-time, uniformed, professional landscapers with over 50 years of collective experience in all phases of landscaping and tree care. Many of them have been with the company for 10 years or more and are fully insured and bonded. During winter months our professionals pursue continuing education and training in all phases of tree care and landscaping.

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