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Louisville Landscaping Drainage and Irrigation Specialists

Irrigation and Drainage Specialists
for Louisville Homes and Commercial Properties

A great yard needs proper irrigation and yard drainage.

  • Without good drainage your yard can flood and cause plants to die, or cause erosion problems around a foundation.

  • Proper irrigation reduces the risk of your yard and plants not receiving adequate water.

From initial design to construction, we can install a full irrigation and/or drainage system to help keep your yard and landscaping healthy and looking great.  We customize your system to meet your specific needs, which can include:

  • Fully automated and care free

  • Rain sensors

  • Zoned systems to accommodate different plantings

  • Underground catch basins

  • French drains

  • Retrofitting for existing landscaping

Louisville Landscape Drainage

You won't find a more experienced and detail-oriented landscaping company in the Louisville area to plan and install a drainage system that achieves the highest quality of health for your lawn and gardens. A proper drainage system needs to be designed with the big-picture of lawn grading in mind (including consideration of neighbors and foundation), so you don't have unexpected pooling or other results that would require a digging up the drainage and correcting a problem. The experience of Patrick Johnson Landscaping gets you assurance of drainage that moves water where it needs to be for the optimal health of your yard as well as the foundation of your home.

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Louisville Landscape Irrigation

In addition to the turf-management services of Patrick Johnson Landscaping to ensure that you have the healthiest quality and installation of lawn to match your expectations, our 25 years of experience in irrigation will ensure that your lawn and gardens stay healthy with the right timing and amount of water. Quality irrigation is about more than installing the hydrating system, but correctly planning the schedule of watering for the yard and season, so your lawn receives the optimal hydration with the least amount of water, at least cost and least waste. 

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