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Louisville Landscape Design

Complete Residential and Commercial Landscape Design
for Louisville Homes and Businesses

Why Landscape Design?

Because it’s your home, with all that word means. Because it’s your sanctuary, the only place where you can really relax. Because it’s the face you and your family show to the world, and you want it to be as beautiful as it can be.


Need a more practical reason? A well-designed, properly installed, and well-maintained landscape can increase your property value by 17%.

Landscaping CAD Drawings
or Illustrated Renderings

Before we break ground on any large or extensive project, we’ll explore the possibilities with you through detailed landscape plans to begin building your backyard oasis. We will provide you with a clear idea of what it will look like before you sign off.


Landscape Installation

There are several elements involved in creating the look you want. We cover them all: plant selection, fabric, mulch or rock, landscape edging, irrigation, drainage and landscape lighting.

Finish Grading

We provide finish grading as the final preparation to ensure a smooth, debris free, well-drained, even surface prior to planting.

IMG_0040 (3).JPG
IMG_0005 (7).JPG


The horticultural or living elements in your landscape are the softscape: grass, ground cover, trees, shrubs and flowers. Plantings can fill many needs: aesthetics, personal expression, natural privacy, erosion control, edible landscaping and more.


We’ll help you make the decisions that suit your taste and lifestyle. We consider the viability of species in our climate, the maintenance required, and of course, the aesthetics that will provide the perfect counterpoint to your hardscape. Your property can go from barren to beautiful in a matter of hours.

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