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Louisville Landscape and Holiday Lighting

Patrick Johnson Landscaping's Outdoor Lighting Specialists Customize Your Landscape Lighting and Make Christmas Lights as Easy as a Phone Call

Well designed landscape lighting isn't just about curb appeal (although it's great for that), but also security and safety, to provide you with a well-lit yard in the dark, to give you sure-footing on your sidewalks, and to let the world know you're home ... even when you're not. Back to curb appeal, landscape lighting extends the daytime beauty of  your landscape investment into a dramatic or subtle accent of your trees and architecture. 

Come holiday time, let the lighting experts at Patrick Johnson make your celebration easy with custom-designed lighting that we procure and then store for you. No more tangles of lights that you have store, unpack, re-pack, and hang in the bitter cold. Call us for ideas and free quote!

Landscape Lighting D

Illuminating your landscape has many benefits besides making your home a jaw-dropper. It provides security and safety around the home, increases your home value, and transforms the functionality of outdoor living spaces.

  • Pathway or driveway lights

  • Up-lights and step lights

  • Automated by photocell sensors or timers

  • Low-energy, long-lasting LED bulbs


Christmas Lighting, Installation and Storage

If you love the look of Christmas lights, but don’t like ladders...we have a solution.

  • Our Certified Installers* will install the lights, maintain them through the holidays, remove them at the end of the season and even store them for you until next year.  That’s right, you don’t have to lift a finger, climb a ladder, or try to get them back in the box! We do it all.

  • The lights are custom tailored to fit your property allowing for a picturesque glow around your home for the holidays.

  • All lights are LED, allowing for greater uniformity in brightness, longer life (less waste), and lower energy costs. What’s more, all the materials used are higher quality than what can typically be bought in stores.

You can contact us anytime to schedule your holiday installation date. Keep us in mind if you decorate for Halloween or are planning a festive event like a wedding, a reception, or graduation celebration as well.

*Our installers are certified by the Christmas Light Installation Pros Association.

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