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Louisville Tree Services

Expert Arborists for Louisville Residential and Commercial Tree Planting,
Care and Removal 

Patrick Johnson Landscaping's ISA-certified arborists have the highest credentials possible to provide quality-assured selection, planting, care, diagnostics and removal of trees for Louisville's homes and businesses. 

  • Risk assessment for existing trees and shrubbery 

  • Diagnosis and treatment for troubled foliage

  • Consultation and guidance on appropriate choices regarding climate, environment and other factors

Tree Planting

Adding trees can improve the appearance of your home, reduce utility bills by providing shade in summer, and add value to your property – all while having a positive effect on the environment. We have the resources and expertise to plant and maintain trees that will thrive in our area.

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Tree Trimming

Our professionals can quickly, safely and efficiently trim your trees and remove unwanted parts of your trees to improve their appearance and maintain their health.

Tree Removal Services

We have decades of experience removing trees and repairing or reconditioning the property to achieve the look you want.


Stump Grinding Services

Stumps and surface roots left behind can be an obstacle to work around, can prohibit new plant growth, and can also attract termites towards your home.

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